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ECN 110

The principal aim of this course is to equip each student with a basic understanding of microeconomics theory and policy, tools and methods at Level 1, that is the standard first year University level.


While this course is complete in itself, when taken in conjunction with ECN 120 (Introductory Macroeconomics) in Semester 2, it provides the equivalent of a full one year (Level 1) University Programme in Introductory Economics.
For an excellent and important review of the mathematics required in this course, please see the following files, taken from the Mathematics for Economics: enhancing Teaching And Learning (ME:TAL) Website:
You are required to attend tutorials each week.  Please select your preferred tutorial time from this schedule.  The classroom shedule shall be added as soon as possible.  Assignments will be given in the tutorials.
Course Outline and Lecture Slides
The course outline and slides for the lectures are downloadable from this page.
Downloadable Textbooks!
Microeconomics by Krister Ahlersten
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